Co2ol Bricks

Climate Change, Cultural Heritage & Energy Efficient Monuments

Total budget:
€ 4.3 M
Project duration:

Resource efficiency

The conservation of heritage, in particular historical buildings, is a common goal in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). Due to the common identity in the BSR it is very important to protect the historical buildings to preserve the individual characteristics and therewith the attractiveness and competitiveness of the cities around the Baltic Sea. Furthermore the CO2-reduction is an accepted and common goal in all cities and regions around the BSR.

After the first wave of technical improvement like modern heating, thermal insulation and higher standard windows today possible incompatibilities with heritage and monument conservation affairs appear. On the one hand ancient, middle-aged or just historical precious cities, ensembles, monuments or buildings are a very important evidence of the BSR's cultural background with immense economical effects (e.g. tourism, attractiveness etc.). On the other hand the international CO2-reduction targets have to be fulfilled.

Today's collision with the climate protection goals leads to unsatisfying solutions as the result of polarised decisions: No/bad climate protection or no/bad heritage conservation.

The Co2ol Bricks project aims to find common solutions to combine the needs of climate protection with technical, administrative and historical adequate approaches to fulfil the necessary CO2-reduction aims – without polarising between these elements.

Especially the BSR's brick architecture in the former area of the Hanseatic League displays an excellent chance to find transferable methods and solutions.