Creative Bridges

Building bridges for branding the Creative Baltic Sea Region

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Regional development

Throughout the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), there is a large number of projects and initiatives fostering the positive role of culture and creativity for regional development (e.g. Urban Creative Poles, First Motion, Baltic Fashion, Creative City Challenge, CREAENT, Kreativ Metapol, Creative Growth, Creative Metropoles, and CITIES).
What is more, culture and creativity are a vital part of and a forerunner in many place branding activities in the region.

However, as shown in the recently published report "Place branding and place promotion efforts in the Baltic Sea Region" (BaltMet Promo, Oct 2010), even though there is a multitude of different branding efforts on national, regional or city level within the BSR, they tell different and uncoordinated stories. The challenge is to find the optimal linkages which could feed into a BSR-wide meta-branding and are in turn of benefit to the individual stakeholders in such a branding effort.

Creative Bridges has been designed as to address this problem. Working together with representatives and know-how carriers from existing creative initiatives, the project shall develop a strategy and an action plan for branding the BSR as a creative region. The project partners have been inspired by the “Pearl Necklace Strategy for Branding the New Hanseatic League” developed by place branding expert Simon Anholt. The aim is to make culture and creativity a glittering pearl in the BSR necklace to be built within the coming years.

The project proposal was evaluated positively, but was not approved in favour of competing proposals.