Resource efficiency

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Resource efficiency
Human existence depends on natural resources such as metals, minerals, fuels, water, land, timber, fertile soil, clean air and biodiversity. As these resources are limited, they need to be used in a sustainable manner.
Resource-efficiency responds to the major environmental challenges of climate change, natural resource scarcity and dwindling biodiversity, but is also a business imperative. It gained growing visibility on the EU policy agenda, latest with the Europe 2020 Strategy, in which it is one of seven flagship initiatives, and the subsequent EU Resource Efficiency Roadmap.

Sustainable production and consumption

Sustainable production is stressed as a key focus of the European Commission’s Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan. Innovations in sustainable production can make especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) more competitive, profitable and environmentally friendly. However, the challenge is not only to improve the environmental performance of industrial processes and products, but also to increase the demand for more sustainable goods and help consumers to make informed choices.