Meet s.Pro’s team of consultants and experts! In addition to our core in-house team, we continuously collaborate with a trusted team of EU and international experts on a project basis.

Angela Schultz-Zehden

founder and managing director 
Angela Schultz-Zehden (MBA, MSc European Studies, BSc Econ) is manager-owner of s.Pro - sustainable-projects GmbH. She has been involved in the development of Maritime Spatial Planning/Integrated Coastal Zone Management (MSP/ICZM) and Integrated Maritime Policy since 2001, starting with the BaltCoast initiative that first introduced the concept of sea-use-planning in the Baltic Sea. Since then she has developed and led the whole string of projects related to Maritime Spatial Planning within the Baltic Sea Region (BaltCoast, PlanCoast, BaltSeaPlan, PartiSEApate) and beyond. By now she is responsible for projects across the whole of Europe, with a focus on the Europe-wide MSP Platform (an assistance mechanism for the implementation of MSP) commissioned by DG MARE as well as supervising other MSP projects (NorthSEE, BalticLINes, BaltSpace, MUSES, MARISMA).

Based on this experience she has authored numerous key guiding documents on MSP/ICZM and acts as advisor to DG MARE, CBSS, VASAB and other national and transnational organisations. Angela Schultz-Zehden also acts as Managing Director of the SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG for the sustainable use of marine resources in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond. She has also led the DG MARE study on Blue Growth, Maritime Policy and the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

She is highly experienced in the development and management of complex international cooperation projects and strategic project pipelines covering the whole spectrum of sustainable development. Angela Schultz-Zehden studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science as well as University of East Anglia. She is fluent in English and has a good command of French and some Russian.

Carsten Beyer

managing director
Carsten Beyer is managing partner of s.Pro - sustainable projects GmbH and has been working for almost 20 years in the field of international EU-funded projects (both within EU-funded Programmes as well as for the European Commission directly). Over the last ten years he has developed specific expertise in developing and managing complex and large-scale Interreg projects in a number of programme areas (among them Smart Blue Regions, EcoDesign Circle, PRESOURCE, Baltadapt, and SPIN).

As an economist he has gained substantial professional experience in economic development and environmental management as well as specific expertise of the maritime sector in the Baltic Sea Region and other European sea basins. As such he is / has been coordinating the Interreg projects Smart Blue Regions (blue growth and smart specialisation) and Baltadapt (climate change adaptation strategy for the Baltic Sea).

Carsten possesses broad experience in conducting studies, in particular for the European Commission: Blue Growth and IMP studies for DG MARE, rural development and agriculture studies for DG AGRI in the Western Balkans. He has worked and lived inter alia in Greece, Ukraine, Turkey and the Western Balkans.

Susanne Altvater

Susanne Altvater is a consultant at s.Pro – sustainable projects. She has an interdisciplinary education: besides having trained as a lawyer and specialised in European and international environmental law, she earned a diploma in landscape management. Susanne has been working on marine topics like integration of biodiversity protection into other policy fields for more than 15 years. During the last few years she has become increasingly involved in projects on ICZM and MSP, e.g. for the European Commission, Sweden, some federal German states and regions such as the Caribbean.

Aside from her work on MSP topics, she has authored several reports for public administration bodies like the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA). Additionally, she has undertaken research within projects financed under the European Commission's FP7, including “Policy-Oriented Marine Environmental Research for the Southern European Seas” (PERSEUS) and CLEANSEA (Towards a Clean, Litter-Free Europe-an Marine Environment), combining advanced institutional analysis with a participatory approach. For the EU's Baltic Sea Region Programme, she worked on projects like Baltadapt, where she was responsible for the development of an action plan for the climate change adaptation strategy within the region.

Before joining s.Pro, Susanne worked at the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation’s (BfN’s) biodiversity unit, undertook research for monitoring projects at the HNEE Eberswalde, worked as senior consultant for the Ecologic Institute on environmental policy and legal issues, and was part of a law firm. She is fluent in German and English and has a working knowledge of Spanish.

Efthalia Arvaniti

Efthalia (PhD chemical engineering, chemistry and biotechnology; MSc environmental sciences; BSc Chemistry) is a consultant at s.Pro – sustainable projects.

She specialises in promoting blue/green bioeconomy and technological innovation in the region and across the EU. As programme manager of the SUBMARINER Network Efthalia addresses the needs of blue Baltic Sea Region within the triple helix (university, industry and government), but also facilitates innovation support activities, like developing strong value chains across blue/green sectors, accelerate and smoothen technology transfer, and exchange regulatory and technological best practices across regions. Furthermore, Efthalia develops and manages blue bioeconomy innovation projects in the Baltic Sea Region and across the EU, such as the Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance, and the Multi-Use in European Seas (MUSES) and the Baltic Blue Growth projects.

Efthalia is a generalist and has worked and lived in five EU countries in the last 14 years. She is good at combining her experiences, competencies and network from Research and Innovation for developing sustainable concepts, chains and models in biomass production and processing (green and blue). Previously, as project manager at the INTERREG IVB NWE EnAlgae project, she was responsible for developing a policy action plan supporting the algae sector in the North-West European region and also identifying innovation barriers of algal technological innovations. Finally, during her PhD she developed concepts and processes in the lab for biorefining biomass and conversion to fuels and chemicals. She speaks Greek, English, Danish.

Bronwyn Cahill

project expert
Bronwyn Cahill (PhD Oceanography) is a consultant and project expert in the fields of marine and environmental science and policy. She has a PhD in Oceanography from the University of Rhode Island, USA and has gained over 20 years of experience in interdisciplinary and international scientific management, working at the interface between science, policy and industry. She has consulted with the Irish Marine Institute, the German Environment Ministry, the European Union, EUMETSAT, NASA, NOAA as well as the private sector on various projects related to applied marine science, environmental assessment and marine data and information strategies.

Bronwyn combines scientific analysis with policy support and was responsible for the environmental assessment of new uses of marine resources in the Baltic Sea for the SUBMARINER project on behalf of the German Environment Ministry. More recently, she has provided key analytical support for the DG MARE “Study on Blue Growth, Maritime Policy and the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region” as well as the DG Mare “Study on the support of KICs (Knowledge Innovation Communities) to the development of the Blue Economy”, where she developed the model of an ideal Maritime KIC.

Joanna Clarkson

Joanna Clarkson (MSc European Studies) is a consultant at s.Pro – sustainable projects GmbH with extensive experience of EU project and programme management. At s.Pro, she applies her organisational and communication skills to Interreg projects in the areas of Integrated Maritime Policy and Resource Efficiency and Blue Growth, as well as undertaking editorial work for online and print publications.

Previously, Joanna worked both directly and as a contractor for the European Commission in programme management and editorial roles. She is a native speaker of English and German and has a good command of French.

Clara Coornaert

 Clara Coornaert (MSc European Studies) is a consultant at s.Pro - sustainable projects with strong experience of EU project management in the maritime field. At s.Pro, she is in charge of Interreg project management in the area of Smart Specialisation and Blue Growth and works on EU projects related to Maritime Spatial Planning.

Previously, Clara worked for the Directorate for Ports, Sea and Coastlines of the Regional Council Nord-Pas de Calais (France) where she was in charge of EU fund raising for regional maritime and port projects. She was mainly responsible for the development of an EU strategy for the Calais Port 2015 project, an important port development project in Calais. Clara also has an extensive knowledge of project application writing, lobbying and events organisation. Clara is fluent in French and English and has a good command of German.

Lisa Simone De Grunt

Lisa Simone de Grunt (MSc Maritime Spatial Planning -MSP) is a consultant at s.Pro – sustainable projects. At s.Pro, Lisa Simone applies her knowledge of European MSP to the MSP Assistance Mechanism contract with DG MARE, as well as to other Blue projects.

Previously, Lisa Simone was the MSP trainee at DG MARE. She is fluent in both English and Dutch and has a working knowledge of German. She has an international masters degree in Maritime Spatial Planning and an academic background in Literary Studies and Spatial Planning & Human Geography.

Kira Gee

project expert
Kira Gee (PhD Geography) is a project expert who has worked with s.Pro GmbH – sustainable projects since its foundation. Kira has 20 years of experience working in the field of ICZM and MSP in the UK and Germany covering the Baltic and North Sea as well as the European Atlantic. She has been a government consultant in Germany developing a national ICZM strategy and preparing advice on transboundary MSP. She has been involved in numerous MSP projects including PlanCoast, BaltSeaPlan, KnowSeas, PartiSEApate and TPEA (Transboundary Planning in the European Atlantic) and has co-authored a number of key guiding documents such as the PlanCoast MSP handbook, the BaltSeaPlan Vision 2030 and the PartiSEApate recommendations on transboundary MSP governance.

In her academic work she has worked at the Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht and at the University of Liverpool. Apart from her profound knowledge of maritime governance issues, Kira has excellent communication and writing skills turning difficult topics into easy-to-understand text formats (in English and German).

Martin Krensel

office manager

Martin Krensel is responsible for the office management at s.Pro. He supports all s.Pro staff on a daily basis to help them fully concentrate on their project management work.
Martin has a diploma in Economics (Dipl. Oec. Univ.) and has plenty of experience in office management in all types of national and international companies.
He is a German native speaker and is fluent in English.

Ivana Lukic

Ivana Lukic (MSc Maritime Spatial Planning, BSc/MSc Quality Engineering) is a consultant at s.Pro – sustainable projects GmbH. Ivana started her project management career in New York working on coastal resilience/reconstruction projects after hurricane Sandy. During her MSP studies, Ivana was a visiting researcher at the Rhode Island Coastal Research Center, where she gained valuable experience working on the stakeholder engagement and regional aspects of offshore renewable energy for the Ocean Special Area Management Plan updates.

Ivana also has extensive experience with industry engagement for MSP, working for the World Ocean Council (WOC) at the international level. Ivana is the leader of the WOC MSP Working Group and the managing member of the WOC Young Ocean Professionals initiative. At s.Pro, Ivana applies her knowledge of MSP, permitting of offshore developments and stakeholder engagement in Multi-Use in European Seas (MUSES) project, as well as to other Blue Growth and MSP related projects.

Ivana is fluent in Serbo-Croatian, English and has a good command of Spanish, Polish and German.

Erik Ooms

Erik Ooms (Master in European Spatial Planning and Regional Development, Master in Urban Planning) is a consultant at s.Pro – sustainable projects with extensive knowledge and experience in the development, application and management of European cooperation projects. During his earlier career, Erik brought added value to different European projects and programmes by applying his analytical skills and creative mind-set in strengthening their content and processes.

At s.Pro, Erik is engaged with the management of the NorthSEE project, where he supports project partners in developing and implementing their activities by focusing on effective internal and external communication. Furthermore, Erik assists in several projects on Maritime Spatial Planning and projects around the North Sea basin. Erik Ooms is fluent in Dutch, English and German, and has a good knowledge of French.

Annika Steele

Annika Steele (M.A. Politics) is a consultant at s.Pro – sustainable projects. At s.Pro, she applies her extensive experience in communication and programme management as well as her knowledge of environmental and energy policy to Interreg projects on renewable energy and blue growth.

Previously, Annika was responsible for the German best-practice website “Klima-log”, as well as for the external communication in EU projects within the framework of Horizon2020. Whilst working for the German Development Agency (GIZ) and the Swedish think-tank FORES, she gained experience as a policy advisor in the field of international and national climate policy and renewable energy. She is a native speaker of English and Swedish and is fluent in German.

Clare Waldmann

Clare Waldmann (M.L.A Environmental Planning) has more than eight years of project management, policy analysis and communications experience from developing and implementing coastal and marine management strategies across diverse geographic scales, ranging from place-based to international projects. Her trans-disciplinary professional and academic background includes working at the boundary between science and policy to promote better-informed decision-making, coordinating and managing multi-institutional projects, and conducting research on environmental management approaches.

Building upon her earlier work in coastal and marine management in New York and California, Clare also has experience working at the EU- and international levels, most recently as a consultant to the Blue Solutions initiative. At s.Pro, Clare is engaged in transnational marine spatial planning projects. She is fluent in English and German, and has a working knowledge of French.

Barbara Weig

Barbara Weig (PhD Geography, Diploma in Geography, Economics and Ethnology) is a consultant at s.Pro – sustainable projects GmbH. Within the BONUS BALTSPACE project, she is responsible for developing a spatial cost-benefits analysis tool in the context of blue growth.

During her earlier work as lecturer and Ph.D. candidate, she gained expertise in a variety of empirical methods used in regional research. Her main interest topics are international shipping, estuary management and sustainable regional development in coastal areas. Within the Interreg IVb project TIDE, she gained first insights into project work. In this context she developed, organised and evaluated a population survey implemented along the tidal Elbe to analyse the perception of the region as a cultural, natural and economic space. Barbara is fluent in German and English and has a working knowledge of French and Spanish.

Kamila Zalesiak

Kamila Zalesiak (M.A.) is a consultant at s.Pro - sustainable projects and is in charge of Interreg project management in the area of Blue Growth and Maritime Spatial Planning.

Kamila worked previously a couple of years in the field of industrial B2B market research and gathered experience from a scientific research institute.
Kamila is fluent in German, Polish and English and has a good knowledge of Swedish.