Towards an implementation strategy for the Baltic Blue Growth Agenda

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September 2016 – May 2017

Maritime policy and blue growth

The Sustainable Blue Growth Agenda for the Baltic Sea Region, adopted by the European Commission in 2014, highlights the extraordinary potential for developing the maritime economy in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).
A hotbed for innovation and competitiveness, the BSR also features a strong tradition of transnational cooperation for working with and for a healthy Baltic Sea. In order to harness these unique characteristics, the Commission is now taking the development of the Baltic Blue Growth Agenda one step further.


s.Pro has been assigned by the European Commission to support DG MARE in kick-starting the implementation of its Baltic Blue Growth Agenda by raising mutual understanding, creating ownership and stimulating the systematic interplay between the various actors throughout the region. For a start, the Implementation Strategy is focusing on 4 thematic areas – blue bio-economy, shipping, environmental & monitoring technology and tourism.

Starting in September 2016 and running for 10 months, the process will follow a step-by-step approach with various formats of involving and reaching out to stakeholders:

1. Desk research will provide an initial overview of existing actors, projects and initiatives to identify the most important development trends and action gaps in each of the chosen opportunity areas.
2. Surveys will be carried out to verify and complement the desk research. The surveys will be open to all stakeholders.
3. Interviews will be held with selected stakeholders to gain deepened insight on priorities and possible actors.
4. Scoping papers will be developed for each of the four opportunity areas to capture the results of the three previous steps and identify the most important development fields that have the biggest potential for sustainable growth.
5. Four interactive discussion workshops will be held to discuss and agree on the identified entrepreneurial opportunities, industry challenges and to explore the necessary transformative steps and structures as to finalise the strategic transformation maps for each of the chosen opportunity areas.
6. The implementation strategy will be published, outlining possible activities, projects and interventions for the above-mentioned areas.

This assignment is implemented by s.Pro (lead) together with Ecorys under the “Framework Contract for Identifying and Supporting Blue Growth Projects in Emerging Sectors“ of the DG MARE.

For more information on this initiative -and how to take part in it - please download the leaflet.

Towards an implementation strategy for the sustainable Blue Growth Agenda for the Baltic Sea Region

96 Pages, PDF 29.6 MB (June 2017)
The report, which was elaborated by s.Pro for the European Commission (DG MARE), collates the results of a systematic stakeholder dialogue in the Baltic Sea Region. The aim of the dialogue was to identify and discuss in greater depth the processes necessary to realise the Baltic Blue Growth Agenda in the coming years. s.Pro is the author of the publication.