EU Green Book on Maritime Policy

Input to the EU-wide consulation process 

s.Pro was involved in:
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VASAB 2010
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€ 10,000
Project duration:
April - June 2007

Maritime policy and blue growth

The Green Paper on a Future EU Maritime Policy, adopted by the Commission in June 2006, constitutes a first step towards the establishment of an all-embracing EU Maritime Policy, aimed at developing a thriving maritime economy and the full potential of sea-based activity in an environmentally sustainable manner. The purpose of the Green Paper is to stimulate a broad debate among stakeholders and at all levels of governance.

Examples of questions raised by the Green Paper are:
  • How can ICZM be successfully implemented? (Chapter 3.4)
  • What are the principles and mechanisms that should underpin maritime spatial planning systems? (Chapter 4.1)
  • How can systems for planning on land and sea be made compatible? (Chapter 4.1)

EU-wide public consultations on the Green Book were conducted between January and July 2007. Both VASAB 2010 and the INTERREG IIIB project PlanCoast (2006-2008) coordinated by s.Pro contributed to this discussion.